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May 14, 2018

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woman dental visitWhen you think of visiting a dental practice, there’s many things that may come to mind: the dental chair, that one “suction thingy” that sucks away your spit, and maybe even that minty clean feeling that you have when you leave the office. However, you never think of convenience—which is actually a big problem for dental practice and patients alike!

Your dentist in Chicago Loop is working to change that narrative. Our office thinks about our patient’s hectic schedules, busy lives, and the fact that receiving dental care might just not be their highest priority. That’s why we work to make all our services—even emergency dental care—convenient to receive for everyone. Continue reading to learn more.

Why is it important to us to cater to our patients?

Ultimately, our job as your professional dental team is to make sure that your smile is in great shape all the time. Even when you only visit us every 6 months, each time that you do, we work to provide the highest-quality dental care. This includes:

  • A comprehensive dental exam
  • A professional dental cleaning
  • A customized dental treatment plan to address any concerns.

If a patient doesn’t feel like their dental team cares about their schedule or can make time for them, the chances of them visiting the office to receive their necessary preventive care are slim to none. This is an unfortunate scenario both for the dentist and for the patient.

How does our office work to fit everyone in our calendar?

Unfortunately, some practices don’t even adhere to normal business hours, closing early for the weekends. This just isn’t realistic! With busy families that have people going to work, school—not to mention the extracurricular activities—when will they have time to have their dental care attended to?

That’s why we make sure to fit our patients in when they call us—especially those who experience dental accidents that need an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop. Our office does our best to make same day appointments, even providing special phone numbers for people that are facing dental accidents (312-909-2839, and if calling after hours, call our emergency number 312-505-2918).

As mentioned earlier, our priority is to make sure you have a great smile at all times. You can always rely on us to meet your dental needs when it works for you. Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule your next dental visit during your lunch break or after school! We would be happy to see you.

About Our Office

Here at Lakefront Dental, we understand that an exceptional dental practice doesn’t just provide great dental care, we have a level of customer service that we love to uphold. Making dental care easy and convenient to receive is just one of the many things that we love about taking care of our patients. Call us today to schedule your next visit.

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