This Children’s Dentist Has Tips to Prepare for Summer

May 30, 2019

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Little Girl Playing At Playground Outdoors In SummerSummertime is an exciting time for children. School’s out and for many that means long days playing hard and generally getting to enjoy being a kid.

But at the same time, that big change in schedule can also spell trouble for their growing smiles. With a little preparation, you can help ensure that those teeth stay healthy and clean and ready for the next school year when it comes around. Your children’s dentist in the Chicago Loop has tips to help you prepare for the upcoming season — keep reading to find out what they are!

#1: Reinforce Good Habits

One of the biggest challenges this time of year is that the break from the normal routine can cause kids to forget to brush and floss. Even children with normally excellent hygiene may get out of whack — so, in the lead up to summer, make sure you are taking every opportunity to reinforce those good brushing and flossing habits. Talk to your child about why they are important for a healthy, lasting smile, and make doubly sure they are brushing for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing between teeth daily.

#2: Stock up on Supplies

Of course, it’s not only remembering to brush and floss — it’s also always having the tools to do so. Spending nights away from home at their best friend’s or at grandma’s house may cause the toothbrush or paste to be left behind, so make sure to have an extra one ready in case they come home empty-handed.

#3: Talk about Healthy Eating

One of the best ways to help your child enjoy a healthy smile is to talk to them about the importance of reducing sugar intake and how healthy eating keeps them feeling good overall. Before summer begins, remind your child that it’s fine to enjoy a sweet treat like a popsicle every now and then, but that snacking too much is never a good idea.

#4: Schedule a Checkup and Cleaning

Before summer begins, it is a good idea to schedule a checkup and cleaning with your child’s dental team. This visit is a chance for the dentist, hygienist and their assistants to make sure that your kiddo is heading into June, July, and August with clean, healthy teeth — and not with a weak spot that could wind up as a cavity by the end of a long summer!

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