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Digital Dentures in Chicago Loop

If you are a patient that needs dentures to replace missing teeth, then you want yours to fit as comfortably as possible and look completely natural when you smile or speak. Thanks to advances in dental technology—in particular the use of computer aided engineering—you can have exactly that. Lakefront Dental is please to offer digital dentures to Chicago Loop residents and those from nearby. Digital dentures provide greater precision during the design phase, so your dentures will look and feel just like your own natural teeth.

AvaDent Bio-Hygienic Dentures

AvaDent Digital Dentures are manufactured from a specially crafted acrylic puck. These unique pucks are produced industrially under much higher pressure than what is used during the traditional injection process. This density makes the AvaDent dentures very resistant to bacteria buildup. Thus, the AvaDent-puck has a more retentive fit and results in less denture breath.

Perfect Fit Dentures

AvaDent Digital Dentures fit perfectly thanks to software that controls and directs the manufacturing process. A 5-axis milling machine makes your dentures out of pre-shrunk, homogenous AvaDent puck. Therefore, there is much greater precision in fabrication. Your denture perfectly matches the mold, and we can even copy your natural palate into the denture. Tooth shapes can be customized so that they more closely resemble natural teeth.

AvaDent Denture with Two Implants

To better secure your AvaDent Dentures, your Chicago Loop dentist can embed dental implants in your jaw. The implants integrate with the surrounding bone tissue to form a stable anchor for your AvaDent denture. A metal bar or locator attachments can be affixed to the underside of your digital dentures so they can snap into place over the implants.

AvaDent Fixed Hybrid

AvaDent Fixed Hybrids are premium dentures that feature fully milled teeth that are formed as one piece with the base (monolithic) for greater strength. This is critical for hybrid dentures where the teeth might otherwise delaminate or break off. With a monolithic hybrid, these problems are decreased. The best feature of a fixed hybrid is that it is anchored in the mouth and is only removable by the dentist. You will have no more worries about your teeth moving while eating or creating embarrassing situations when you are in company.

A Spare Denture With No Additional Appointments

As your AvaDent denture is made digitally, if you would like a spare denture, it is only a click of a computer button away!

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If you would like to learn more about digital dentures, or the many other ways your Chicago Loop dentist can rebuild a smile with missing teeth, contact Lakefront Dental today to schedule a consultation.

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