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Tooth-Retained Overdentures

Man outdoors in plaid button-up smiling warmlyPatients who need to replace a number of missing teeth, but still have some natural tooth structure (an overdenture is where all the natural teeth are visibly missing in any one arch, but it's possible some tooth roots remain), may be able to consider overdentures. An overdenture is a removable denture that attaches to teeth roots left in the jawbone. The tooth roots serve as an anchor for the overdenture, making it secure and comfortable.

Elderly man conversing with receptionistWhy Choose an Overdenture?

Overdentures may offer patients the ability to keep some of their natural teeth. Lakefront Dental knows this is best and provides the conservative treatment necessary to retain and restore as much of your dentition as possible. Even though you may need a full set of dentures, an overdenture may still be an option.

Lakefront Dental will provide you a complete explanation of the procedures necessary for tooth retained overdentures. Patients will undergo root canal therapy on the remaining teeth which are then covered with a dome shaped restoration. This shapes the teeth in a way that can provide support for the overdenture. Alternatively, if you are a candidate for an implant retained overdenture, Lakefront Dental will explain the surgical and restorative treatment you will need in detail. 

If you have questions about your dental health or how Lakefront Dental can improve your smile with overdentures, contact our Chicago Loop dental office for your consultation. After a thorough evaluation, Lakefront Dental can provide you with the best options for restoring your dental health, which may include dental implants, crown and bridgework, gum disease therapy, or full-mouth reconstruction.

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