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Dental Seminars For Dental Professionals in Chicago

Discussing the Law, Regulations and Code of Ethics in Dentistry

About Lillian Obucina

Law Offices of Lillian Obucina PC is a resource for dental professionals on the law, regulations, and codes of ethics in dentistry. Our belief is that education, information, insight, and motivation can avoid legal and ethical problems, and eliminate much uncertainty in dental office operations and patient management.

Lillian Obucina, D.D.S., J.D., President of Law Offices of Lillian Obucina PC, is a practicing dentist and a practicing attorney who aspires to educate dental professionals by sharing her unique dental and legal experiences. Dr. Obucina graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1988. She received a Certificate in Prosthodontics from Northwestern in 1990. This was followed by a Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School in 2002. In her Chicago based law firm, she counsels dental professionals on a wide range of legal topics. She also is an ADA consultant speaker for the ethics component of the SUCCESS program.

Through seminars, print materials, and individual practice evaluations, Law Offices of Lillian Obucina PC, provides information on risk management, employment law, insurance law, formation of business entities, practice transfers, concerns of new dentists, regulatory compliance, licensure investigations and ethical queries.

In its seminars, laws applicable to dentistry and codes of conduct, are identified and explained. Sample fact scenarios are utilized to illustrate how legal consequences intrude the dental office and are a reality for all practitioners. However, practical and viable solutions are readily at hand.

Dr. Obucina is available for speaking engagements to dental groups. Seminar topics can be modeled on the following course descriptions, or can be crafted to meet the needs of individual dentists, smaller dental study clubs, or large association meetings. Seminars can be adapted to your group's needs, upon request.

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I. Malpractice

What is malpractice, how is a malpractice case against a dentist assembled, what steps must the attorneys take as the case progresses, and what elements determine who likely wins or loses? Only with this insight into the process can a dentist truly prepare in advance and reduce risks.

II. Record Keeping

This seminar provides examples of good and bad dental records, and offers practical suggestions to ensure the elements common to good records are always present. The importance of consistency and thoroughness are discussed in detail. The risk management benefits of good records are highlighted.

III. Employment

How does the law analyze employment situations common to dentistry? This is vital because many dental employment scenarios are created for the practical convenience of the parties. Unfortunately, many times this does not create easily categorized work relationships. The ramifications of this are discussed. Ways to clarify these relationships, and still meet the dentist's work goals, are presented.

IV. Licensure

What kinds of activities can lead to licensure sanctions? Real examples and actual adverse outcomes are presented. Long-term ramifications, that may not be immediately obvious, are analyzed. Methods to minimize exposure to licensure investigations are suggested. A prudent response to an investigation is described.

V. Contracts

Explore common problematic contractual clauses and discover how modifications to these can offer substantial benefits to dentists. Various contract types are analyzed. Simple drafting changes, and negotiation, can pay large dividends during the term of any contract.

VI. Other Topics

Other seminar topics include discrimination in the dental office, decisions affecting new dentists, and analysis of actual cases in dental law and their outcomes.

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